Agency Banking Platform Successfully Launched in Westnile

Equity Bank Uganda Ltd in Partnership with Windsor Hotel Pakwach Ltd, today successfully launched the first ever Agency platform in Pakwach. A number of people within the town successfully had their accounts opened. Customers bank customers can now  deposits and withdraw cash from Windsor Hotel Pakwach outlet. This partnership now means Equity bank has now entered Pakwach market and will compete with other financial institutions already in place. The Agency will operate 7days a week (Monday - Sunday), and will help business organizations to enhance their financial accountability by banking ALL sales proceeds intact, thereafter make withdrawals. Further, this partnership will make Equity bank customers in Pakwach enjoy ALL services including loans/credits, as well as LPO/Contract/Agreement Financing. Windsor Hotel Pakwach team will ensure they reach ALL corners of the new District through aggressive marketing to Equity Bank products.

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