Anger as Makerere University lecturers secretly sneak to Kyankwanzi for military training

Over 200 senior Makerere lecturers are secretly in Kyankwanzi undergoing military training. This has fermented divisions within the Academic Staff Association Muasa fraternity as some of those who didn’t go have resorted to bad mouthing their colleagues accusing them of sheer opportunism. The group was mobilized by Prof Peter Baguma of psychology department who for many years has been serving as NRM Chairman Makerere University. The group was picked on Saturday 16th June and travelled in buses sent by the National Leadership Institute (NALI) Kyankwanzi and will be training for one full month after which they will get certificates showing they are now fully fledged cadres of the NRM revolution. What is even more exciting to the 200 dons is that President Museveni has, according to Prof Baguma, allowed to drive to Kyankwanzi and address the professors on their pass out day. We spoke to Muasa general secretary Godfrey Nuwagaba who confirmed the development but was quick to add that Muasa has nothing to do with the training. “Those colleagues are there in their own individual capacity and not as Muasa representatives because that’s not something we have ever discussed as Muasa.
What’s happening at Makerere now is that we are in central marking for the students’ exams but we have colleagues who felt they aren’t busy and opted to go to Kyankwanzi for some physical exercise to improve their fitness,” Dr. Nuwagaba said. “We don’t have a single Muasa executive member at Kyankwanzi because we are all for marking.” Asked whether Muasa commends or condemns their colleagues who went for the Kyankwanzi training, Dr. Nuwagaba was vague saying this is a sensitive matter. “But in any case the Muasa view doesn’t matter here because they went in their personal capacity though this is unprecedented. It’s the first time it’s happening; Makerere lecturers going to Kyankwanzi for military training.” We have also learnt that some of the lecturers already in Kyankwanzi have been, at Prof Baguma’s prompting, sending selfies to colleagues who didn’t go telling them “guys you are missing the fun we are having here at Kyankwanzi.” Nuwagaba explained that even if the President doesn’t show up for the pass out ceremony, there are some lecturer colleagues who greatly value having the certificate certifying that they are fully-fledged cadres in the hope that can enhance their employability and job security.
Some lecturers speaking on condition of anonymity told this news website that the way Dr. Tanga Odoi rapidly transformed from modestly wealthy into a stinking rich guy, owning big properties in Kampala, has continued to inspire many Makerere dons that after all it can be materially rewarding to be a well confessed Museveni supporter at Makerere. This is what some critics have dismissed as sheer opportunism. It will be recalled that as the chairman Academic staff association, Tanga made a lot of noise including openly marketing the NRM at Makerere, something which Museveni rewarded by appointing him NRM Electoral Commission chairman. His colleagues think this NRM position has brought him prestige and riches which may after all not be true.
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