Clerics have threatened to sue government over harassment

Four senior Muslim clerics have written to DPP Mike Chibita a demanding compensation and an apology over wrongful arrest and prosecution without following due diligence.
Sheikh Ismail Ssentongo, Muhammad Kalodo, Musa Isa Mubiru and Yusuf Ssentamu were in 2015 arrested and charged for terrorism and murder of Muslim  sheiks Mustafa Bahiga and Hassan Kirya. However they were acquitted  in 2017 by the International Crimes Division of the High Court on grounds that the DPP lacked evidence to pin the accused.
The Muslims clerics  now demands Mike Chibita, the DPP to apologize within seven days and compensate them for malicious prosecution or else will commence legal action.
This was revealed during the press conference  on Friday, where the clerics accused the DPP of sanctioning the charges without carrying out thorough investigations.
They are also demanding 14.5 billion as compensation for the loss of their businesses in the United Arab Emirates.
They are represented by Amama Mbabazi lawyer Fred Muwema who this week demanded that DPP Mike Chibita should be arrested alongside detained former IGP Kale Kayihura .
Yusuf Sentamu Kasibante, Muhamadi Kalodo Kasibante were arrested in Deira Dubai by Dubai police officers on request of Uganda Police through Interpol on  allegations of terrorism, crimes against humanity,  murder , attempted murder and  aiding terrorist group  ADF  in Nalukolongo, central, Eastern and Northern parts of Uganda between February 2014 and January 2015.
Their letter has been copied  to the Ambassador of UAE to Uganda, president of Uganda Law Society and the Chairman of Uganda Human Rights Commission.

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