Exclusive: How social media tax will be collected

Ugandans are soon going to start a new era whereby  each Ugandan who would like to use social media will have to pay a tax of 200/=daily. There has been a lot of speculations in the recent past on how the telecom companies will collect this tax.
Early this week, statement from three of the leading telecomcompanies started circulating explaining how the tax will be collected.
Many disregard the statement as fake news. However according to daily monitor, the statement is authentic as soon it will be released to the public.
In the statement, the telecoms say that effective 1st July 2018 when the new financial year starts, access to over the top services i.e Social media will be blocked, and to access them, Ugandans would have to pay to have internet access.
Payment, be made via mobile money *185*2*5# for Airtel, and *165*2*5# for MTN. The tax is 200 shillings and can be paid daily, weekly (1400), or monthly (6000).
Access will then be granted to customers up to midnight.

  • According to 2018/2019 financial year budget, government expects to generate at least 80bn from social media tax.

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