Stella Nyanzi travel ban lifted

Ugandan human rights activist, academic and former Research Fellow at Makerere University Institute of Social Research is smiling ears to ears after her foreign travel ban has been lifted after close to years. 
Nyanzi was allowed to fly to Nairobi yesterday 17th June aboard KQ 421 Kenya airline. 
Early last week  Dr. Stella Nyanzi stage demonstration in Kampala against rampant women killing and kidnaps in Uganda 
Using social media, Nyanzi expressed her joy on lifting previously imposed travel ban on her. Below is her statement 

My birthday merriment extended to Nairobi in Kenya where I am spending a few days with amazing bad-arse feminists from six East African countries. Clearly, my ancestors and their gods and godesses are smiling on me.
When I got to Immigration at Entebbe Airport, the smiling Immigration Officer waved me through. Apparently my name is no longer on the No Fly List. After two years of being slapped with an illegal Travel Ban and my response by suing dictator Museveni's regime, I can now travel again. Blessings!
And then at check-in the KQ Kenya Airways ladies upgraded me to Business Class! You should have seen me travelling Business Class and sipping their juices, water and Baileys like those wealthy beautiful women in the movies. When I got to my majestic hotel in Kenya, there was the most queenly suite for me. In the evening, I met twenty gorgeous feminist women for cocktails and finger-food!
I will be in Nairobi for a few days of intense feminist deliberations and strategisation. On Tuesday, I will boldly embrace the honour of being part of a panel discussing the marriage between political activism and feminism. Nairobians, please come and join in the fun!
Oh, how I love Nairobi! Nairobi is the first city where my parents sought refuge from political oppression thirty years ago. I am emotional whenever I return to this city that was my home in exile for years as a child!

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