Where is UBC Jane Kasumba

There were roumours  at the corridor of Uganda Broadcasting Corporation that Jane Kasumbs had a few days ago delivered her resignation letter to MD Winston Agaba, however according to local online website, Jane Kasumba vehemently denied ever doing so. Jane Kasumba who is believed to be in the USA , explained that much as she has been away for so long on leave that was granted by UBC management, the UBC brand is too dear to her she can’t just leave like that. “She has done a lot for UBC giving it her all but she is disappointed whenever she comes up with what she considers good ideas, there are people openly fights her. This has made her frustrated and hence the decision to tender in her resignation,” sources said of Kasumba who many considered the face of the national broadcaster . The same source was full of praise for the beauty queen. according to roumours  her trouble started in January this year when Kasumba was removed from being the TV manager and PRO for UBC and elevated to being Manager Corporate Affairs under which PR fell. Her responsibility was to lead a team to visit all government MDAs and secure new business contracts by assuring them that UBC was back to its original glory.
According to information going rounds it   seems she didn’t like the new position and it is being said since her her appointment , she never stepped in office.  She must have resorted to writing her resignation letter which was dully received by MD.
It is also being said she needed to attend to a sick relative in the states. We hope she will be back soon.

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