Why Tanga Odoi could be fired soon

Tanga Odoi In Trouble With Museveni Over Sh 3.5 Billion For LC Elections
President Yoweri Museveni, the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM chairperson, has tasked Dr Tanga Od the head of the party’s Electoral Commission, to account for Shs 3.5b meant for mobilization for Local Coun (LC) Elections.
In a meeting that happened on Sunda Museveni had invited the Central Executive Committee, the Secretariat members, Chairpersons of Commissio and their members and all the district NRM chairpersons.
It was district chairpersons who threw Tanga Odoi in a tight corner.
He skips us and deals with registrars, complained district registrars.
They further complained that Tanga was avoiding them because they associate with the secretariat led by the history professor’s arch-foe Kasule Lumumba
The district chairpersons even called the suspension of position of NRM district registrars.
On the issue of the Shs 3.5bn cash, Museveni was told that the money sent to districts was not uniform.
The president reportedly tasked Tanga Odoi to account for the cash.
But the history professor reportedly started praising first lady Janet Museveni for denting the opposition in Ntungamo.
The meeting happened on the first lady’s 70th birthday.
Tanga reportedly forwarded Museveni’ question on the money to John Arimpa Kigyagi, the deputy chairperson of the party’s Electoral Commission.
Kigyagi’s explanation was unconvinced infuriating Museveni.
An angry Museveni is said to have told Odoi and Kigyagi to sit down since they had failed to explain how the money sent last November was spent
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