Candidates resorts to witchcraft to win hotly contested seat

Shocking details shows that, the election race for the forthcoming Nebbi Municipality's MP election is taking a different twist as candidates have turned to evil attacks in the names of winning votes.
Today, one of the candidate -Onega Robert who happens to be an FDC flag bearer in the race was surprised to find a man who is believed to be a witchdoctor on his home compound with local herbs and ritual items of all kinds.
This witchdoctor is believed to have been sent by one of the opposite opponent to Robert's home to do all ritual performances to weaken Robert in this race.

 Unidentified man cought red handed

Some of the ritual items discovered 

Here is partly of the statement - Robert made after the incident-
"THE DEVIL IS A LIAR. This Man was sent by my Opponent (Name withheld) to bring Witchcraft to me. Unfortunately, I was covered by the blood of Jesus Christ and the Man failed to see me but was intercepted within my compound. We shall Win by GOD's protection."
Some source told us that the accused candidate is NRM flag bearer Hashim Sulaiman who is facing stiff competition from FDC strong man whom observers regards as the favourite.
Nebbi municipality is one of the new municipalities created recently.

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