Corrupt government officials forced to vomit 1.5bn by DPP

DPP Mike Chibita 
The Directorate of Public Prosecution (DPP) through its Asset recovery Unit has recovered more than 1.5 billion Shillings over the last one year from government officials convicted of Corruption.
The recoveries were in form of cash, cheques and properties that were seized and later auctioned between May 2017 and May 2018. This brings to 72.5 billion Shillings, the amount of money recovered from the successful prosecution of corrupt officials over the last 10-years.
Records at the anti-corruption court indicate that recoveries were made from 207 cases. All the recovered money was sent to the consolidated fund. The convicts are usually ordered to pay back the money during the sentencing process and indeed some of them to pay it back immediately but most of them resist the order, declaring bankruptcy and claiming not to have the capability to pay back the money.
Irene Nakimbugwe, a deputy spokesperson in the DPP's office says that their work has been to ensure that this money is recovered and put into the treasury account from where it can go back to the government coffers.
However, the mandate of the DPP Asset Recovery Unit formed in 2008 goes beyond recovering cash and cheques to freezing accounts, seizing properties and even auctioning them. But Nakimbugwe observes that sometimes properties of the corrupt officials and public servants are never in their own names.
She, however, hastens to add that even that does not deter the recovery process since the relatives and family members of the officers have to prove that they truly bought the property or else an application is made to the court for its seizure and auction.
Some of the prominent cases in which recoveries have been made over the years, include Uganda Versus Jimmy Lwamafa, Christopher Obey and another who were ordered to pay back 50 billion Shillings, Geoffrey Kazinda who was made to pay 2.2 billion Shillings in one of the cases and 316 million Shillings, David Sserwamba and six other people convicted and ordered to pay 4.5 billion Shillings, Valentino Kamya who was ordered to pay 8.4 billion Shillings after plea bargain among many others.

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