Exclusive: How Police bosses plotted Kaweesi assassinations

Kaweesi, his body guard Kenneth Erau, and driver Godffrey Mambewa, were shot dead on March 17 in Kulambiro, Kampala.
Now, Internal Security Operatives have found out that Kaweesi’s driver was stupidly convinced that he would also be killed in the car. His part in the plot was flash the lights when the car reached the murder spot.
This was intended to alert the killers that Kaweesi was in the car.
The driver had to hurriedly stop the car in the middle of the road so the assailants finish Kawesi without having a chance to fire back or run away then take off with the assailants.
This answers questions why the car in which Kaweesi was sprayed with bullets had lights on during daytime? Moreover when they shoot multiple bullets at it, the car was in stationary in the middle of the road.
It has also been found out that Christine Mbabazi was among the aces of the plot to kill Kaweesi alongside some big people in Uganda Police Force. This is the reason why Police has been fighting to ensure that Mbabazi doesn’t fall in the hands of ISO who want to get more evidence from her.
The boda boda cyclist while in custody said that in the mission they executed, they were all assured of protection from a certain big shot in Police Force who they were told was the one that wanted Kaweesi killed. The cyclist claims that Kaweesi’s driver Mambewa was convinced that if he stopped the car, the shooters would kill Kaweesi alone, but he didn’t realize they planned to kill everyone in the car not to leave evidence behind.
However Police forensics report showed that the vehicle Kaweesi was killed in, UP 4778 was shot in the hind tires to halt, this has been disputed by ISO detectives insisting that such an expensive four wheel vehicle can move a considerable distance even on a flat tire.
ISO correlated this and more evidence to figure out that Kaweesi’ driver Geoffrey Mambewa could have been part of the murder plot, had stopped the car intentionally thinking he was to survive and enjoy millions or even if arrested, would receive protection and be acquitted of any charges by  a top Police officer who masterminded the killing.

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