Katongole nearly lynched as voters foils vote rigging plot

Sigh Katongole shortly after the scuffle 

Former Rubaga North Member of Parliament Singh Katongole has today survived death by whisker after being chased by angry voters of Makamba Zone, Rubaga Division on allegations alternating voter registers by including non voters into the register.
He was also accused of ferrying voters from neighbouring villages to come and vote for rulling National Resistance Movement (NRM) candidate in just concluded LC 1 elections.
The charged voters wanted to beat up the former NRM treasurers accusing him of election malpractice a claim he vemently denied. He was rescued  by nearby police officers who responded  quickly to save the situation from going out of hand.
Speaking to our reporter at the scene, Katongole blamed his trouble on opposition  Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) and some sections of Democratic Party (DP) for organising what he called "hooligans" with aim of disorganizing the long awaited Local Council elections.
"FDC and DP politicians have been training this hooligans for long time. They don't want peaceful process and have been working tooth and nail to disorganize it so as to blame the government ," the visibly angry Katongole said.
Katongole  will be remembered as someone who was in Parliament for the shortest time any MP has been after being  kicked out for fraudulently joining it it in 2011. Court then handed his victory to his arch rival Moses Kasibante to represent of DP.

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