MPs to come to the rescue Kabarole woman MP stalker

Sylivia Rwabogo 

Several MPs have come out to defend the jailed YMCA Brian Isiko who is sentenced to 2 years in jail for admiring Kabarole woman member of parliament Hon Sylivia Rwabogo. MPs across political devide are have started fundraising drives to solicit money to release Isiko who is jailed by one of their own.
According to Aruu County MP, the court was unfair in jailing the young boy stating that admiring a woman is normal.

“I think the action of court was harsh to this young man, it is normal to admire a woman when we where growing up we even had pictures of women we admired including Celine Dione and Beyonce on our walls" Otto said.
According to Otto, It is just a stage of group where a beautiful woman is always admired stating that it is not an offense.

It is just a stage of growth this woman is fairly beautiful and I don’t think its an offence for her to be admired .
“It would have been an offence if there was sexual harassment , but where would this young man get the mp ? I think court should have addressed itself to the proximity between the accused and the MP actually there are women who are so ugly that no one stalks them ,they go home and cry all day that no one has told them you are beautiful” Otto added

Some MPs however said the boy acted out of order. According to Kawempe South member of parliament Hon Mubarak Munyagwa, Isiko was over ambitious to go for an MP who is far much above his level.

“I spoke to Rwabwogo and in her assessment this boy was set up to scandalize her and get her killed like Nebanda. Let me assume the boy was honestly in love I think its time for the youth to stop being over ambitious if your are looking for a love affair ,why do you start with an MP or a minister? You see you can start with the youth counsellor of your place” Muyagwa said
Mariam Naigaga, a woman member of parliament representing Namutumba district said Hon Sylivia Rwabogo would have just blocked the boy instead of jailing him.

“With stalkers you can block them or ignore them honestly if some one sends you messages for weeks and months and you don’t respond they eventually give up
We get stalkers all the time even on Facebook and we just block or ignore them, I don’t know what exactly happened between Isiko and the honorable colleague but my role as Isiko’s MP is to do all I can to rescue him from prison because the mother is really broken and affected by the developments.” Naigaga said.

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