Oppositions and Kayihura created Kifeesi group-ISO boss

ISO boss Frank Bagyenda 

The Director General of the Internal Security Organisaion (ISO), Col Kaka Bagenda has accused opposition politicians of creating groups that have been terrorizing the country.

He claimed  some opposition leaders were behind the creation of kifeesi and kijambiya (Machete) gangs who have been terrorising Ugandans.
“The fanatical political opposition should apologize to Ugandans first of all, for creating kifeesi and secondly, for inventing a new brand of politics which we banished a long time ago the politics of hate and sectarian politics. We have arrested some of these criminal elements in Busia and Mubende districts who have confessed to above negative plans and willing to testify before the media. We have arrested some ADF elements inside the country that were planning to carry out terror activities" Kaka said.
Some of those he paraded included John Kasera, Wilberforce Ogutu, Fredrick Wabwire, Peter Onyango, Peter Mwanje and Moses Bakwanya. Mwanje and Bakwanya said they were being used by FDC strong woman Ingrid Turinawe, the FDC secretary for mobilization, to cause terror in the country.
Another is Jamil Muwonge from Ssembabule, who was arrested for allegedly being a member of the rebel Allied Democratic Forces.
Reacting to matter, opposition shadow minister for internal affairs and also Butambala member of parliament Hon Muwanga Kivumbi said that is no sense and crude information being disseminated by ISO. He asked ISO to do their home work before acting. Kivumbi added that it is laughable to claim that Kayihura has been working with opposition yet he was very brutal and very intororant to opposition. He also asked army to produce General Kale Kayihura in court if he has case to answer.
Igrind Turinwe said the government is continuing with the usual drama to intimidate opposition
"When I thought the drama and comedy to parade hungry 'suspects ' in a move to divert, intimidate and persecute us had ended! Kumbe it has just started! Wrong button" Turinwe said.

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