Raila reveals why he agreed to meet Uhuru in private

Opposition leader Raila Odinga on Tuesday revealed how he and President Uhuru Kenyatta fought off hardline positions from their loyalists to save the country from plunging into civil strife last year.
Mr Odinga said his supporters were determined to boycott paying taxes to the government and remove President Kenyatta’s portraits from offices and business premises in his strongholds to protest the bungled General Election.
On the other hand, Mr Kenyatta was under pressure from Jubilee loyalists to arrest and charge Mr Odinga with treason after his mock swearing-in as the people’s president on January 30 at Uhuru Park, said Mr Odinga.
The fear of the country plunging into anarchy forced him and President Kenyatta to make painful concessions, to the disappointment of large sections of their respective support bases, said the opposition chief.

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