Shock as student found dead and head missing

Residents of Mbale are in shock after a body of 16 year old boy was recovered with head missing.
Police in the District said they are investigating circumstances under which a the boy was beheaded and the torso dumped in an incomplete house.

The boy was identified as John Wamono a student of University Link in Mbale town.

Regional Police Spokesperson, Mr Suwed Manshur stated that Wamono was killed few metres   from his family home in Zabanyanya Village, Bukasakya Sub-county on Tuesday.
“The killers cut off his head and went away with it. We are hunting for the suspects who are on the run. All signs show that the murder was planned because the deceased was convinced to go to the incomplete house. They [suspects] cut him several times on different parts of the body and beheaded him ” Mr Manshur said.

Wamono’s parents fainted upon being informed that their son had been killed.

Some close relatives to the deceased said that he had a misunderstanding with his step brother, who is currently on the run, over inheritance rights.
It is also reported that  anonymous letters were dropped in the area by unknown people who declared that they need 10 human heads.
Police confirmed having received a report about the anonymous letters.

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