UCC installs system to track telecoms revenues as social media tax bites

The Uganda Communications Commission says they have acquired an equipment that monitor the daily revenues of the telecom companies.
According to VIC, the new intelligent network monitoring system tracks all the calls of the telecom operators and knows how much they generate daily.
Though the system was expected to monitor only the voice and data aspect of the telecom system, UCC says it is now monitoring all the transactions of the telecom operators, including mobile money and the newly introduced social media tax.
This comes at a time when Ugandans are grappling with social media tax which has kept many Ugandans out of social media. UCC said they will meet in two weeks to evaluate the impact of social media tax which took effect on 1st July.
The UCC executive director, Mr Godfrey Mutabazi, said for some time, the companies had been under declaring revenue and cheating the government.
Mr Mutabazi said with the introduction of intelligent network monitoring system, they are able to track the real time revenue and know how much each company is making.
“We have a solution in place and it is functional and we know how much they are earning and we do not have to beg them to tell us and they know it,” he said.
“We are using intelligent network monitoring system to track their revenues and government will collect the correct values based on what the system generates,” the UCC boss added.
The intelligent network monitoring systems, among others, checks the multi-vendor network data, network performance, customer experience records, service quality performance, signalling statistics, documented data selections, customised data filtering and user configurable access.
It also does system health monitoring, proven fraud detection data and proven billing verification data. Since the inception of telecommunication in Uganda, telecom operators have had uncontrolled leeway in managing their affairs.
According to UCC, some telecom companies have been under declaring their revenue which caused financial loss to the government.
With that, government moved swiftly and set up the Intelligence Network Monitoring System (INMS) in order to get full access to the telecom data system.

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