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Africans Killed like Rats in Italy

mali immigrant
It has come to our attention that in Italy after the currently concluded elections in especially Naples Africans are o a run.

On Thursday a man named as Cisse Elhadji Diebel as he was about to collect his items for his street vending business and return to his humble home, met with three strangers with sharp knives who cut him into pieces and on top of that shot him thrice.

Prior to elections these incidents were only verbal, but the current government which was elected came with an anti-immigration slogan. This can be evident due to another attack which was carried out on two Malian immigrants living in a refuge center were hunted down and killed by gang members.

It should be noted that Italy is infested with many gangs or mafia sects which have started targeting immigrants especially from Africa.

They accuse them of taking away their jobs and also allege that these blacks will pollute their culture and pure Italian race they have maintained since the era of Roman Empire.

There have been eight reported cases of racism in all victims have lost their lives, seven of those attacks were carried out with guns leading to fatal injuries and eventual death.

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