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Woman Orders for 'Chips na Ketchup'

This new song, Chips na ketchup will bring problems! Recently a couple who were so in love went to one restaurant in the suburbs of Kampala. As the procedure goes  a waiter came to take their order, the lady in question ordered for Chips na Ketchup as she heard it one of the trending songs in the country by Vinka.

On her surprise she saw the order which was delivered to her, she frowned her face and rotated the plate in anguish and so much disappointment "Where is my Ketchup" she asked the waitress. The waitress was polite enough and handed her a bottle of ketchup.

She still couldn't grasp the situation, thought the waitress was new to the job and wasn't familiar with what she had ordered.

She decided to take the matter to her superior by calling the manager who was on the floor. "This waitress of yours has not given me what i ordered for! Where is my ketchup?"

When the manager showed her the tomato sauce which was delivered earlier she replied in an astonishing voice "  Eeeehh I thought it was something similar to kebab or chap !"

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