Panic as bomb material found in University

Yesterday 30th/09/2018,an incident occurred at the International University Of East Africa Auditorium in Kasanga while prayers were ongoing. It's alleged that an item suspected to be an explosive was sighted by one of the security guards who immediately alerted the area police. Our Bomb Squad responded fast, took control of the situation, had the worshippers  evacuated to another safely designated place for normal prayers.

However upon examination, the object has been identified as a party popper and was safely taken away from the scene .

Police wants to commend the members of the public for being vigilant and informing the police in time .

However we still call upon the entire public to remain vigilant, report,inform the area police in case of any incidents and items that look suspicious in there communities.

Members of the public should always take necessary security precautions at their homes, roads, places of leisure, worship etc.

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