Embrace OTT and Mobile Money tax to support economy : Kasaija

Finance Minister Matia Kasaija finally admits the economy isn't doing well & challenges the academia and researchers to write papers advising govt on how to tackle unemployment and soften the public's resistance and aversion towards govt tax policies especially the OTT & Mobile money tax.

He was speaking during a public policy dialogue at UMI where he addressed Uganda's eminent researchers, scholars & economists. Kasaija said he was recently shocked when he went for a drink and tennis-playing at his favorite Kampala Club only to find out shockingly that he was the only customer at the club that evening.

He says the entire evening he stayed there, there was only himself and two other customers who had left by 7:30pm. He says the waitresses and managers told him that's what happens to such businesses these days because of too much poverty & prevailing economic hardships.

On another occasion, he says he masked himself and sneaked into the Kikubo hub and made similar findings. He says there is something that has terribly gone wrong in this country and says govt is open to well-researched policy proposals on how to recover the country back to economic normalcy.

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