Mao : Government doing everything to tarnish its own image

Norbert Mao is simply hilarious.When asked during the Front Line political talk show on NBS TV Thursday night, Mao shared with panelists that the government before ending it in a comical way.

Mao who was on the show with regular panelist Ofwono Opondo, the government spokesman, told viewers government has tainted its image.

The Democratic Party chief interestingly put it: “Government is doing a good job in terms of destroying their own image, it doesn’t need us to do it for them. Our duty is to name and shame these officers.”

Mao explained: “It’s very important for us to go back to the basics that power is a sign of trust. Ugandans shouldn’t lose hope, we’re not helpless, we should continue publishing the images of these people, name their fathers, mothers and children.”

He stated: “We’ve reached an extreme situation where people need to be exposed, we’ve been pushed too far, it’s important that we even name the schools they went to, there’s simply no way we can allow this kind of thing to continue.”

Mao warned: “Ugandans will one day reach their boiling point and whoever is brutalizing citizens will regret why they’re doing so. The system sustains itself in power through lawlessness.”

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