Muhammad Nsereko brands NRM MPs Enemies of the people

In one of his posts after the Parliament has voted to uphold the mobile money tax and the social media tax Muahammad Nsereko begun the post by addressing Ugandans as " Dear comrades".
Went on to thank the people for their continued support and the confidence they had installed in them.

"I thank you all for your support and spirited fight against this inequitable and non progressive tax on mobile money transactions."
The following is how the rest of his post went ;

The result gives us a lot to learn as proponents of change.We shall accept that 164 who voted NO voted against the people and that those 124 who voted YES stood by the people.

They may have carried the day but I am certain that the 164 shall regret the decision they have taken.

The biggest lesson to our countrymen and women is that we need more quality numbers in Parliament.

Let’s fight hard to win over more seats in 2021 and we shall have ourselves more service.
Thanx Right hon Speaker, Jacob Oulanya for steering the House very well. We couldn’t ask for more. Surely vote by roll call exposed many hypocrites.

Thanx to all our colleagues that stood with the people.

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