Museveni advises Ugandans to embrace NRM achievements as Mulago Hospital is officially opened

President Museveni Presided over the official opening of the Mulago Specialised Women and Neonatal Hospital. The 450-bed national referral facility has prenatal clinics, delivery wards, surgical theaters, recovery rooms and postnatal wards.

The transformation of Mulago Hospital is synonymous with the country's transformation. Museveni said that In 1965, when he first came to Mulago, he had escorted his sister who had suffered a polio attack. The hospital today is much more different from that of 1965.

Museveni also said that Health workers should be systematic in their plans.e advised people not to be sorrowful Don't "kwekubagiza" (be full of regrets). It is possible to accomplish much even with meager resources if you are committed and strategic.  Continued to say that It is how the NRA, despite minimal resources, won the Bush War. 

"I have been told many tests can be done at this facility. It is something I have always urged administrators here to develop. With tests, Ugandans will be able to prevent diseases, which is the biggest component of healthcare. " Museveni said

The philosophy should be prevention. We should not have people admitted here over preventable diseases. This facility should only be for conditions that cannot be prevented like some of the maternity-related complications. 

Museveni in his speech on his facebook page said "Ministry officials should know this is a specialty hospital, predominantly for referral. This means lower units will have to improve their services and be well equipped. If this happens, it will reduce congestion at Mulago. The government though will continue building more specialized hospitals. "

About remuneration of health workers, the government will continue to improve their salaries so that we check brain drain. We shall try to match regional and international market rates, starting with scientists first and then other professions later.

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