We should unite as Ugandans and fight against urban torture

These two brothers Kawooya Yusuf and Ahmed Ssenfuka are parents! What comes to the mind of their children when they see their parents inhumanely arrested and tortured in broad daylight?

You are planting seeds of discord which are likely to germinate in future. The guy in a blue checked shirt aiming to destroy Kawooya Yusuf's kidney is Simon! Where does Simon derive all this anger?

Ahmed Ssenfuka who was tortured by security, Court found him innocent! Why torture and arrest innocent citizens? This gets me scared each day as a Ugandan

Ugandans must stand out as a united force to fight this terror. In Uganda every murder suspect is linked to ADF!

Sometime back when Muslim suspects  were arrested and charged with treason, the CID detectives asked them how many times they have traveled to Kasese and Congo! They wanted to establish links to ADF!  Unfortunately, our disunity as Ugandans is facilitating our continued torture and misery.

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