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Africans Killed like Rats in Italy
Angry mobs attacks UN offices
Giving too much power to an aging president is a recipe for disaster- Koffi Annan
Obama meets Uhuru and Odinga on his day one visit to Kenya
Raila reveals why he agreed to meet Uhuru in private
Kenya to use Alphabet's cutting-edge balloon project to deliver internet access to rural area
Magufuli tiref of sending condolences  over road accidents, sacks minister
Swaziland plans to tax foreigners who marry their girls
Uhuru Kenyatta threatened to arrest his brother over corruption
Belgium named a square after African independence hero
15 dead scores injured in deadly fire
Mnangagwa suspects Grace Mugabe faction behind assassination attempt
Rwanda Officialy Launches Volkswagen (VW) Assembly Plant
More than 200 perished in Nigeria  Deadly Violence
UN peacekeeper killed in South Sudan ambush hours after peace deal
Walk or die: Algeria abandons 13,000 refugees in the Sahara
University of Zambia starts offering courses in Witchcraft
Nigeria Clash Leaves 86 Dead
Zimbabwe President Speaks Out on Attempted Assassination
Ethiopia PM Survives Bomb Blast Days After Visit to Uganda